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Watch full special FREE now on FlixHouse: https://flixhouse.com/video/2647/david-susskind-interview-with-dr.-martin-l.-king-jr | A long and intimate interview with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Among the subjects discussed were the current state of the American Civil Rights Movement and the 1962 events in Birmingham Alabama.Download our Apps to watch on TV and handheld devices the best Indie Movies free:Roku: https://link.flixhouse.com/roku-channelApple TV: https://link.flixhouse.com/apple-tvAmazon Fire TV: https://link.flixhouse.com/amazon-fire-tvAndroid TV: https://link.flixhouse.com/android-tviPhone/iOS : https://link.flixhouse.com/ios-devicesAndroid Mobile: https://link.flixhouse.com/android-mobileWebsite : https://flixhouse.comConnect with FlixHouse Online:SUBSCRIBE to Our YouTube Channel: https://link.flixhouse.com/youtube-subscribeLike FlixHouse on Facebook: https://link.flixhouse.com/facebookFollow FlixHouse on Instagram: https://link.flixhouse.com/instagramFollow FlixHouse on Twitter: https://link.flixhouse.com/twitterThank you for your support!